Why You Need an Annual Chimney Cleaning: Part 1

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Why You Need an Annual Chimney Cleaning: Part 1

Do you remember the last time you’ve thought about the condition of your chimney? While chimney cleaning may not be top of mind, investing in an annual chimney cleaning for your Rochester home can help you maintain your chimney and prevent potentially costly and devastating disasters within your home. There are many benefits of having a professional chimney sweep each year, including:

Avoiding a chimney fire

A chimney fire can be absolutely devastating to your home, potentially reaching a temperature of over 2,000 degrees! Many chimney fires occur as a result of creosote accumulation in wood-burning fireplaces. Creosote is a substance of unburned gas vapors that is highly flammable. A chimney cleaning clears out creosote build-up and prevents blockages that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Improving heating efficiency

A chimney cleaning allows your chimney system to operate more efficiently, eliminating clogs that may prevent your chimney from circulating the proper amount of oxygen. Your chimney contractor will remove all debris without damaging your chimney, ensuring there are no blockages preventing adequate heat flow within your home. 

Making inspections easier

By having your chimney cleaned every year, you’ll make the inspection process much more effective. Your chimney inspector will be able to perform a more thorough and complete assessment, as it will be easier for them to spot even the most minor problems before they become worse and more expensive to repair. Remember, a chimney cannot be adequately inspected unless it’s been completely cleaned, which is why it’s imperative to schedule a cleaning before proceeding with any other services.

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