Three Reasons to Restore Your Home’s Fireplace

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Three Reasons to Restore Your Home’s Fireplace

Over time, indoor fireplaces can become blackened with soot, causing the brick and stonework to deteriorate. Fireplace restoration for your Rochester home can fully restore your fireplace, leaving it looking as good as new! From enhanced design to better functionality, here are some of the top reasons to consider indoor fireplace installation:

Wear and tear

Most fireplaces have a limited lifespan of about 5-10 years. When fireplaces experience general wear and tear over time, especially ones that are used frequently, it’s important to consider restoration. There are many signs of fireplace damage, including soot and creosote build-up, cracked bricks or mortar, excessive moisture, and poor performance.

Increased home value

A fireplace restoration can significantly increase your home’s value, modernizing your interior and adding aesthetic beauty. A new fireplace is an ideal addition to any room, being visually appealing as well as functional. It’s been reported that fireplace restoration can add up to 12 percent to your home’s resale value. There are many new fireplace trends to consider for your restoration, including cultured marble and stone, glass, and linear designs.

Improved safety

If your masonry or liner has sustained any damage in the form of cracks, this is a major reason to consider restoration. While cracks are most common in older fireplaces, any fireplace can experience excessive moisture that causes bricks and masonry to split apart. When these cracks allow heat to escape from the fireplace, it can combust with building materials and increase the risk of a fire. Restoration fills in and smooths cracks to ensure heat is contained inside your fireplace.

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