Three Chimney Hazards and How to Prevent Them

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Three Chimney Hazards and How to Prevent Them

Chimneys are essential for any home, and unfortunately, can pose problems from time to time. Properly maintaining your chimney involves proactively having it inspected for damages, so your home does not encounter any long-term issues. Here are three major chimney hazards that our chimney inspection team in Rochester encounters, and how you can prevent them:

Structural damage

Structural damage continues to be one of the most prevalent chimney hazards, especially in older homes. There are many causes of structural chimney damage, including severe weather and poor maintenance. When a chimney’s structure is compromised, many problems can ensue – such as leakages, carbon monoxide poisoning, and chimney collapse. A regular chimney inspection can detect these problems before they become worse and potentially cause permanent damage.


There are many causes of chimney blockages, including animal nests, leaves, and debris. Blockages can often prevent proper ventilation and increase the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. To keep your chimney free of blockages, be sure to have a chimney cap installed by a professional, as well as have your chimney regularly inspected for any signs of obstruction. 

Improper installation

A poorly installed chimney can cause serious safety hazards, especially if it’s not connected properly to the heating appliance. An inspection by a certified professional can uncover whether a chimney was correctly installed and adheres to all required local building codes and regulations. When having a chimney inspected, always use an insured and certified company.

If you’re concerned about any chimney hazards at your home or property, get in touch with the chimney experts at Four Winds Chimney! As a full-service chimney and fireplace company based in Rochester, NY, our chimney inspection team can help with hazard prevention and will handle all your chimney needs. To learn more about our chimney services, please get in touch by calling (585) 727-1174.


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