Should You Keep Your Fireplace? Yes, with Upgrades!

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Should You Keep Your Fireplace? Yes, with Upgrades!

Your home came with a fireplace, but maybe it’s losing heat, it is difficult to get firewood to burn, or you have concerns about using it due to its age. You’ve hit the point that you’re considering whether you should even keep it or not.

Wait! Before you scrap that old fireplace, have you considered fireplace upgrades for your Rochester home? Updating an old fireplace can make it a great place to unwind in the evening, curl up in front of on a cold winter’s day, or use in an emergency, such as the feet-deep blizzards our area is known for. In this post, we’ll look at how to not only keep your existing fireplace, but how to make it even better.

Should You Keep Your Fireplace? Yes, with Upgrades!

Let’s start with our first potential problem: a fireplace that loses heat. By having a few repairs done on your chimney, we can make your fireplace more efficient and less likely to lose heat through the addition of a flue to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

Our second concern was the difficulty and mess of dealing with firewood. A gas or propane fireplace insert makes this problem simple, giving you a beautiful, warm flame with no additional work required. Instead of dealing with bark chips and ash, you simply turn it on and enjoy.

Old fireplaces can be a concern, but they don’t take a lot of work to fix. Tuckpointing fills in any gaps that have formed in the masonry, chimney lining can give you peace of mind by creating a smooth interior to your chimney to lower creosote buildup, and chimney crown repair or replacement can take place very easily. 

The comfort of a warm fire on a cold day and the camaraderie of enjoying time with family and friends is priceless, as is the opportunity to have an additional heating source during a power outage. Enjoy this priceless benefit by upgrading your fireplace with an energy-efficient insert, repairs, or conversion to a different type of fuel.

At Four Winds Chimney, we’ll take care of all of your chimney needs, including service, repairs, capping, and leak repair. Why not invest in this beautiful asset in your home to make it more enjoyable than ever? Please contact us today for more information about fireplace upgrades for your Rochester home!


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