Gas Log Fireplaces

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At Four Winds, our trained team of experts can install and repair a variety of gas log fireplaces.

There are many benefits of gas log fireplaces including:

  • Aesthetic beauty. The realistic and stunning appearance of a gas log fireplace can be an asset to any home. Gas log sets come in a variety of wood types, including oak, aspen, and birch.
  • There’s no hassle to start a gas log fireplace. With a simple switch of a button, gas log fireplaces can be lit.
  • Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, gas log fireplaces come with less fire hazards. However, it’s still important to have your gas log fireplace inspected annually.

There are many options for gas log fireplaces.

In addition to installation of gas log fireplace models, Four Winds performs a variety of repairs. Gas log fireplaces are easy to maintain, however, sometimes repairs are required. Repairs can be needed for issues, such as a broken valve, leaky gas line, or a burner producing carbon dioxide. It’s important that all repairs are performed by a certified professional to ensure services are performed as safely as possible.

Whether you need you’re in need of a gas log fireplace installation or need your current fireplace repaired, Four Winds has you covered! Call our team today to schedule your appointment.