Gas Fireplaces

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At Four Winds, our trained team of experts provides Rochester with gas fireplace installation and repair services.

There are many benefits of gas fireplaces including:

  • Aesthetic beauty. The realistic and stunning appearance of a gas fireplace can be an asset to any home. The artificial wood in gas fireplaces gives it the look of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of a real wood-burning model!
  • Energy efficiency. As one of the most energy-efficient types of fireplace models, gas fireplaces give users full control over how much heat they’d like to use with a simple flick of a switch. They are also environmentally friendly, as they don’t create smoke by burning wood.
  • Gas fireplaces don’t require any lighting or maintaining of wood-burning fire, making them extremely easy to use.
  • Low-maintenance. Requiring very minimal maintenance, gas fireplaces do not need to have ashes or wood debris shoveled. Typically, the only recommended maintenance is a yearly inspection.
  • No smoke or embers. If you want to avoid the smell of smoke in your home, a gas fireplace does not produce any embers, smoke, or burning fumes.

In addition to our gas fireplace installations, our Rochester team performs gas fireplace repairs, service, and inspections. Gas fireplace repairs are required for many common reasons, including:

  • Old batteries. If your fireplace won’t ignite, a faulty battery may be the issue.
  • Closed gas valve. If your gas valve is closed, your fireplace won’t be able to create hot hair.
  • Blown out pilot light. If your pilot light needs to be re-lit, your fireplace won’t operate properly to heat your home.
  • Thermostat problems. A thermostat set lower than the actual temperature of a room will result in a gas fireplace not knowing when to turn on.

Four Winds sells many gas fireplace models, including but not limited to Majestic, Enviro, Napolean:

  • Enviro E20
  • Enviro E25
  • Enviro E30
  • Enviro E33
  • Enviro E44
  • Enviro EX32
  • Enviro EX35
  • Enviro Q1
  • Majestic Ruby 25” Gas Insert w/ IFT
  • Majestic Ruby 30” Gas Insert w/ IFT
  • Majestic Ruby 35” Gas Insert w/ IFT

Are you in the Rochester area and need a gas fireplace installation? Perhaps you need your current gas fireplace repaired, serviced, or inspected? Our Rochester team has you covered! Call Four Winds today to schedule your appointment.