Fireplace Installation and Repair Services in Rochester

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At Four Winds Chimney, we offer a full range of fireplace installation and repair services in Rochester.

Fireplace installation and repair services are needed in Rochester for a variety of issues, including installing new fireplace models; making repairs to existing fireplace units; and addressing safety problems. If you have a damaged or deteriorating fireplace, our team can assess your specific issue and provide the best solution. 

Our suite of fireplace services for gas, electric, and wood fireplaces include:

  • We install restoration systems that address many common fireplace malfunctions, including smoke problems, downdrafts, and performance issues.
  • Smoke chamber repairs. Our smoke chamber repair services eliminate risks associated with smoke problems, house fires, and other performance issues caused by a damaged smoke chamber.
  • Masonry repairs and chimney rebuilds. We can perform a variety of masonry repairs and chimney repairs on damaged brick or deteriorating and unsafe mortar joints.
  • We offer and install gas fireplace systems as well as wood stoves and inserts

At Four Winds Chimney, we are committed to providing safe and efficient fireplace installation and repair services that address our Rochester customers’ needs and ensure their fireplaces can function their best! If you have questions about our fireplace services, please get in touch with a member of our team. We’ll be happy to discuss our process and how we can help.