Fireplace and Masonry Restoration

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Fireplace and masonry restoration can dramatically improve the appearance of your home while increasing its value for years to come.

Four Winds’ staff are experts in restoration and have the knowledge, skills, and training to bring damaged stonework back to life and homeowner’s dreams to reality. Our tuckpointing and fireplace restoration team are here to help restore your chimney to its original (or better) state.

We offer two types of restoration:

  • Indoor fireplace restoration. Over time, indoor fireplaces can become blackened with soot, causing the brick and stonework to deteriorate. Fireplace restoration can fully restore your fireplace, leaving it looking as good as new! Four Winds’ experts will professionals repair any damage to restore your fireplace to its original grandeur. We can reface your outdated fireplace with stone, brick, tile, or marble.
  • Masonry restoration. From brick, stone, or stucco, our chimney tuckpointing and restoration experts can perform any type of masonry restoration!

Fireplace restoration can make your fireplace functional and beautiful again!

There are many benefits of fireplace restoration, including usability and aesthetic appeal. Most importantly, we will ensure your fireplace is fully safe to use. With fireplace restoration, you can make your house truly feel like a home!

 At Four Winds, our trained team of experts can inspect and repair your fireplace or chimney for problems related to deterioration, water damage, or smoke problems.

If you’re ready to move forward with fireplace or masonry restoration, please get in touch and schedule an appointment with our team today.