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Dampers control airflow and smoke through the chimney flue.

For safety reasons, most fireplaces have dampers to allow smoke, soot, and gases escape out the chimney in your Rochester home. When a fireplace damper is closed, it also prevents cold air from entering the chimney.

If you have an old or significantly aging fireplace damper in your Rochester home, it could be costing you money!

Over time, the seal of the damper can become compromised and allow warm air to escape from your home, resulting in cold drafts. Top-sealing dampers can resolve this problem, as they are securely fastened at the top of your chimney to keep both hot and cold air out. Top-sealing dampers function differently than traditional dampers because they are constructed with an air-tight seal. They are also stronger and more durable so they don’t break as easily. There are many types of top-sealing dampers, with the majority having a stainless steel or steel-cast aluminum cap so rust and corrosion can’t form. In addition to their high-functioning capabilities, top-sealing dampers have many other benefits, including keeping excess moisture out of your chimney and preventing infestation.

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