Chimney Cleaning in Rochester

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Yearly chimney cleanings for your Rochester home are an important part of ongoing home maintenance

In addition to annual chimney inspections, all homes in Rochester should have chimney cleanings at least once a year. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, all chimneys should be cleaned once a year. From weather-related damage to wear and tear, chimney cleanings ensure your chimney can function at an optimal level, preventing costly repairs down the road. At Four Winds Chimney, our certified technicians are trained to provide full-service chimney cleanings in Rochester and the surrounding area. Our cleanings include a full inspection of your chimney, along with a comprehensive review of any findings. Once a cleaning is completed, our Rochester team will provide any chimney repairs or maintenance recommendations to keep your chimney in top shape.

There are many reasons to schedule an annual chimney cleaning, including:

  • Identifying and preventing minor or major problems early.
  • Preventing offensive odors from entering your home.
  • Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Improving heating efficiency.
  • Avoiding chimney fires.
  • Keeping your chimney functioning safely and efficiently year-round.

If you live in Rochester, scheduling an annual chimney inspection and cleaning are an important part of ongoing home maintenance, giving you peace of mind that your chimney is working properly. Chimney cleanings are ideally performed in the spring, but can also be done in the summer or fall. In many instances, our Rochester customers schedule their annual inspection and chimney cleaning at the same time.

Your chimney is one of your home’s most important assets! Our highly trained and certified technicians have the tools, safety, and equipment to quickly clean your chimney. If you’re ready to schedule with our Rochester team for your chimney cleaning, or if you want to learn more about our process, get in touch by calling (585) 727-1174.