Chimney Tuckpointing & Repointing

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If repair is neglected, spalling can occur in which the bricks expand and contact and wreak havoc on your chimney structural integrity

When a chimneys mortar begins to experience wear and tear (typically over the course of 25 years), cracks and decay can form, resulting in the need for tuckpointing and repointing. This is a common procedure in which a damaged mortar is replaced and your chimney’s structure is restored. When a mortar is compromised in any way, it’s imperative to have it repaired so water cannot enter the chimney system and cause the build-up of excess moisture. Having these issues addressed as quickly as possible is essential for eliminating and preventing moisture from entering your chimney system in the future and causing major leaks.

Here are some of the most noticeable signs that chimney tuckpointing and repointing is necessary:

  • Damaged drywall (any water damage surrounding the walls of your chimney)
  • Rusty fireplace or damper
  • Flaking, cracked, or discolored mortar
  • Spalling and deteriorated brickwork
  • Any cracking  throughout the chimney

A professional chimney expert will detect these issues and others during a typical chimney inspection. However, if you’ve noticed any signs of chimney deterioration, it’s important to call a trusted chimney company for prompt service. If you’re looking for a professional chimney service in New York State, call Four Winds Chimney and schedule an inspection today. Our certified and insured chimney technicians will quickly address your chimney issues, providing the most effective and affordable solutions for long-term results.