Chimney Sweeps

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All homeowners should have their chimneys regularly inspected and swept

Four Winds Chimney is happy to conduct thorough chimney and fireplace inspections for your Rochester home, both inside and out, starting from the fireplace all the way up to the chimney cover. We’ll make sure that the chimney is suitable for use, free of moisture, debris, and other damage and obstructions that need repair. We use a camera to inspect the smoke chamber and full interior of the chimney. We’ll thoroughly seal the enclosure of your fireplace, sweep from the bottom to the top, and dispose of all debris. 

Our Rochester team’s certified chimney sweeping service consists of a 3-step process:

  • Step 1: Our technicians will come inside with booties, lay drop clothes down, and set up their work area with their necessary equipment. All our techs use rotary-powered sweep poles to sweep the inside of the chimney while using a 3-motor powered vacuum to ensure a dust-free process. Our sweep is performed from the fireplace unit while proceeding to sweep the smoke chamber and flue.

  • Step 2: After the sweep, our Rochester team does a chimney and fireplace inspection to evaluate the firebox/unit, through the smoke chamber and into the liner system using a 2-headed camera system. After an internal inspection, our technicians go outside and inspect the full external part of the chimney/system from the ground to the roofline, and up to the top. Our chimney and fireplace inspections are completed to ensure your Rochester home’s fireplace system is up to code and suitable for use.

  • Step 3: After performing our certified chimney sweep and chimney and fireplace inspection processes, our Rochester technicians will review the report with the customer. They will discuss any findings and recommended repairs. Our customers receive a multiple-page inspection report detailing all findings. We recommend getting an annual sweep that allows us to regularly monitor your system.

If you have questions about our chimney sweeping process, please get in touch by calling (585) 727-1174 and we’ll be happy to assist.