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Delivering the highest quality service

Delivering the highest quality service, we specialize in all types of chimney installation, chimney maintenance and repair for Rochester’s residential and commercial customers. Our team consistently provides exceptional customer service to fulfill our customers’ many needs, including total fireplace care and chimney maintenance and repair in Rochester, NY. Our advanced expertise and training allows us to specialize in all chimney systems so we can provide the best, most cost-effective solutions for any of your chimney concerns.

Rochester Chimney Maintenance

Our full suite of chimney services include:

  1. Our full suite of chimney services includes:
  • Masonry repair & chimney rebuilds. We offer Rochester residents a variety of masonry repair and chimney rebuilding services that ensure your exterior brickwork and chimney function properly and safely.
  • Chimney inspections. Our chimney inspections assess both minor and major issues, ensuring your chimney’s problems are properly addressed by trained Rochester chimney maintenance technicians.
  • Chimney repairs. We can perform chimney repairs for a wide range of issues or concerns, such as odors from fireplaces; water damage and leaks; damaged brick; and malfunctioning fireplaces.
  • Chimney cleaning. Our certified Rochester chimney maintenance technicians are trained to provide full-service chimney cleanings, which include a full inspection of your chimney, along with a comprehensive review of any findings.
  • Fireplace installation and makeovers. We specialize in a full range of fireplace services, including installing new fireplace models; making repairs of existing fireplace units; and addressing safety problems.

To learn more about our local Rochester chimney maintenance and fireplace services or schedule an appointment, please contact Four Winds Chimney at (585) 727-1174 and let our expert team answer all your questions. We’ll be happy to discuss our services with you in detail and recommend the best solutions for your chimney and fireplace needs.