Chimney Repairs

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All of our Rochester customer’s masonry restoration services and repairs come with a 1-5 year workmanship warranty

At Four Winds Chimney, we perform a variety of services that ensure your exterior brickwork and chimney look great, function well, and perform safely. We also offer one of the best warranties around!

  • All of our Rochester customer’s masonry restoration services and repairs come with 5-year workmanship warranty.
  • Many of our repairs carry a 10-year to a Lifetime warranty.

This means our Rochester-based Chimney repair contractors will come and repair anything associated with our workmanship within the warranty period without question. When we do the estimate, we will let you know which warranties are included with the work so you know what to expect before the project begins.

Rochester Masonry Restoration Services

Here are some of the most common signs a chimney repair may be needed:

  • Offensive odor coming from fireplace (in many cases, a dead animal or bird).
  • Chimney smells like wet smoke or the grill outside when the fireplace is not being used (due to moisture build-up on creosote).
  • Water damage, often in the form of leakage.
  • Flaking or broken bricks coming apart (often due to water damage).
  • Fireplace not functioning properly or has rusted parts.

If you’re unsure of whether your Rochester home needs masonry restoration services or chimney repairs, it’s best to call our expert team to have your chimney evaluated. We’ll assess every part of your chimney to determine what work may be needed. From minor issues to major repairs, our Rochester team of chimney repair contractors will discuss their findings in detail so you know exactly what to expect from our services. Please call us today to schedule an appointment at (585) 727-1174.