Chimney Rebuilding in Rochester, NY

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Four Winds Chimney is known for our chimney rebuilding services in Rochester and the rest of upstate New York. We work with both residential and commercial customers.

The rainy and winterly climate throughout New York State can cause chimneys to become damaged due to freezing and thawing bricks. This can significantly affect the structural integrity of the chimney, often resulting in leakage, discoloration, and irreparable damage. This makes major repairs or full chimney rebuild for Rochester area homes very common.

Four Winds Chimney is a full-service chimney repair and cap/brick replacement company that can handle all your chimney rebuilding needs. Our experienced and trained chimney technicians specialize in all types of chimney repairs, as well as entire chimney rebuilds. We pride ourselves on performing every chimney job quickly and professionally, always adhering to the highest standards of the chimney industry.

We offer people in and around Rochester chimney rebuilding services include the following:

  • Brick replacement. We can repair damaged bricks and install replacement brick that matches in both strength and appearance, safely and professionally securing it to the chimney mortar.
  • Complete replacements. When an entire chimney is damaged, a complete rebuild is needed. This involves a total tear-down of the existing chimney and the rebuilding of a new one in its place. Our team will work to make sure your new chimney is not only aesthetically beautiful, but functions properly and efficiently.
  • Chimney extensions. In some instances, a chimney extension may be needed if your chimney has draft or efficiency problems. This is a process in which we length and extend your chimney to improve its functionality.

If you are interested in full chimney rebuilding services and live in Rochester or the surrounding areas, please call Four Winds and schedule an inspection appointment with one of our expert technicians. We will perform a full inspection of your chimney, assessing all deterioration or damage to make the best service recommendation. No matter how big or small a project, we are committed to providing superior service and top-quality results for our customers.