Chimney Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Home

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Chimney Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Home

When looking for a new home, there are many types of chimney-related concerns that should be top of mind. Being proactive in finding a home that’s free of any significant chimney-related damage or safety hazards will allow you to feel confident with your investment! Here are some of the most important chimney questions to ask on the house hunt:

Are any current chimney repairs needed?

On the hunt for a new home in Rochester? Understanding the scope of chimney repairs required before investing in a new property is important in order to avoid incurring major expenses in the future. Any signs of damage should be investigated for structural issues or safety concerns. A chimney or fireplace that was not properly installed or maintained can pose serious safety hazards which should be addressed immediately. Additionally, there are many signs that can indicate structural issues, such as cracks in masonry, leaning or tilting, or loose bricks.

When was the chimney last inspected?

Regular chimney inspections for Rochester homes are recommended, and important for ensuring a chimney can function properly. From detecting minor issues to major damage, a chimney that’s been regularly inspected is likely being properly maintained. A chimney inspection involves a professional chimney expert fully assessing the chimney so that any problems can be rectified, such as water leaks, damaged bricks and chimney liners, or chimney flue cracks. If the chimney has not been inspected in a long time, this may be cause for concern before buying the home.

Are there any local regulations?

Some municipalities have strict regulations regarding the use of wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. Before purchasing a home, it’s important to confirm that the home complies with current local regulations so you can feel comfortable utilizing the appliances. Once you know the guidelines, you’ll know what to expect before moving forward with buying the home.

If you’re looking for a top-rated chimney company in Rochester, NY, and need chimney repairs or an inspection for a new home, please get in touch with Four Winds Chimney. A member of our team will be happy to answer all your questions and discuss our chimney services in detail. Call us today at (585) 727-1174!


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