Chimney Leak Repair Services

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Chimney leak repair services can be costly for Rochester homeowners, especially when the source of the leakage is unknown.

Four Winds Chimney Rochester team specializes in chimney leak repair services fully assessing the source of the leakage and recommending the best solution for long-lasting results. We can troubleshoot any chimney leak issue by assessing all elements of your chimney – including the crown, masonry, flashing, and chimney cap. Over time, these chimney parts can endure significant wear and tear, requiring repairs and replacements to prevent leaks. Our chimney leak repair services are customized for each Rochester homeowner’s chimney’s specific issues to ensure the most favorable solutions.

Here are some of the most common signs of a chimney leak repair service for your Rochester home:

  • Condensation or water inside your fireplace.
  • Sounds or visible evidence of dripping.
  • Strong smell or mold or mildew after it rains.
  • Water stains on the walls surrounding the chimney.
  • Unexplained water leaks throughout your home.
  • Damaged or deteriorated interior or exterior masonry.

Even what may appear as a minor leak issue can become a nightmare if left untreated! If you’re experiencing any signs of chimney leaks at your home, it’s critical to have your chimney inspected in a timely manner. Having chimney leaks addressed before they worsen is key for maintaining your Rochester home fireplace chimney and preventing severe water damage in and around your home. For more information about Rochester-based chimney leak repair services, please call Four Winds Chimney and speak with one of our expert chimney technicians about your concerns. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and schedule an inspection to evaluate the source of the leakage.