Chimney Crown Repair and Replacement in Rochester

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Chimney Crowns Are One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your Chimney

Chimney crown rebuilding involves the installation of a brand new crown which will protect your chimney’s structure for years. Once an initial cap inspection is performed, our Rochester-based technician will determine how much damage needs to be addressed and what crown rebuilding services are needed. If you suspect any major issues with your chimney, it’s critical to have an inspection done as soon as possible. If you neglect needed chimney crown repairs or replacements in your Rochester home, it can result in costly and dangerous issues in the future, putting your home and your family’s safety at risk.

Here are some of the signs you may need to call our Rochester team for a chimney crown repair or replacement:

  • Cracks in current chimney crown (visible cracks that need to be filled or fixed).
  • Spalling flue tiles – Any signs of damage to your chimney’s tiles indicating a faulty flue line.
  • Rusted damper or firebox – Any signs of moisture entering your fireplace could be the result of a defective crown.
  • Damaged interior walls – deterioration of walls inside your home near the chimney may indicate moisture build-up from a damaged crown.
  • Damaged chimney material (bricks, stones or other).

Chimney crowns are extremely important for protecting your chimney against deterioration due to weather exposure. Chimney crowns are customized for each individual chimney, which is why utilizing the services of a professional Rochester chimney crown repair and replacement company is essential.

To learn more about chimney crowns, call Four Winds Chimney and let one of our certified technicians answer all your questions.