Chimney Caps

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Chimney caps sit at the top of your chimney and serve several purposes.

As a necessary component of your roof’s structure, a chimney cap keeps rain out of your chimney and allows smoke and chemicals to exit your home. Chimney caps play a vital role in preventing rain from entering your roof’s internal structure which can cause decay of your mortar and bricks. Rainwater can also cause other damage, such as rusting dampers, weakening walls and ceilings, and cracking of your flue. Your chimney cap also prevents sparks and embers from coming in, reducing the risk of fire in your home.

In addition to its functionality to your roof’s structure, chimney caps prevent infestation, blocking birds and other animals from entering your chimney. Many critters can make their way into your chimney during the cold months when they’re seeking warmth and shelter. Chimney caps stop rodents in their tracks so they can’t enter your chimney and build nests.

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Chimney caps serve a variety of purposes in protecting your roof, preventing significant damage and eliminating nuisances. One of the best lines of defense against serious chimney problems is to have your chimney inspected on a yearly basis so any damage can be detected before it becomes problematic. At Four Winds Chimney, we’ll check for any signs of water damage and identify the source of the problem.

Lastly, if you’re in need of chimney cap installation, Four Winds’ trained technicians know how to install the right chimney cap style and size for your home. We’ll take care of all measurements and make sure the damper and draft control mechanisms are installed properly.