Change Dusty, Dirty Wood Fires for a Gas Log Set

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Change Dusty, Dirty Wood Fires for a Gas Log Set

Is there anything as lovely as a hot fire on a cold winter’s night? A crackling blaze, a wood fire provides comfort – along with wet floors from tracked-in snow to replenish the wood supply, ash on every surface, and a fireplace that requires regular cleaning to keep up. You’ve got better things to do with your time, and why spend the energy on cleaning and hauling wood when you could enjoy a gas log set instead? If you’re looking for a wood burning fireplace replacement for your Rochester home, you may want to consider the following benefits of a gas log set.

Change Dusty, Dirty Wood Fires for a Gas Log Set

But what are the benefits of a gas log set? Let’s start with our first point – cleanliness. Because gas logs don’t produce ash and debris, they’re very easy to clean, taking just a quick sweep with a broom, a vacuum to get dust out of the corners on occasion, and a surface cleaner to get any remaining dust in hand. 

What about the work of starting the fire? With a wood fire, there’s kindling to manage, including the mess when it’s broken down to size, getting it started, and keeping it fueled. A gas log just requires you to flip a switch or the press of a button to get it started, and then it will run until you shut it off. Easy, right?

Let’s talk heat. Wood fires start slowly, burn hot, and then go out. Though they’re nice while they’re burning, the heat they produce can be inconsistent and requires a lot of work to maintain at a relatively consistent state. A gas log provides constant, comforting heat without the ups and downs that you’ll have with a wood fire.

A wood fire is lovely, but the mess it can create is a pain to deal with. If you’re ready to swap your dirty, dusty wood fireplace for a gas log set, why not make it a reality? The experienced professionals at Four Winds Chimney in Rochester handle wood burning fireplace replacements and gas log installations, and have helped many families and businesses in upstate New York make the change to gas logs for their fireplace. We look forward to helping you too! Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more details on our gas log sets, or to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced professionals.


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