7 Reasons to Get an Annual Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

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7 Reasons to Get an Annual Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

For the most part, your chimney is something that you don’t worry about too much – until you have to. Chimney fires, excess smoke, and drafting problems are all common in chimneys that are not regularly cleaned and inspected. Here are some top reasons to get annual chimney inspections and cleaning services for your Rochester home.

7 Reasons to Get an Annual Chimney Inspection & Cleaning

  1. There are a lot of issues you can’t see. Chimneys are long tunnels with limited light, with part of it located on a roof which can be dangerous to work on. This leaves most areas out of reach. A professional inspection checks your entire chimney for issues.
  2. Creosote buildup. Fireplace use causes creosote to build up on your chimney. It restricts airflow, but it’s also flammable. The combination of a hot fire and thick creosote can lead to a dangerous chimney fire.
  3. Animal nests and debris. Not only are these items flammable, they can also cause obstructions that can prevent drafting, or the ability smoke has to rise and leave your dwelling. This smoke can include carbon monoxide.
  4. Weathering. Just like anything else outside of your home, weather causes exposure damage to your chimney. Moisture seeps into mortar and the flue system and causes tiny cracks, making the problem worse. 
  5. Insurance. Does your homeowner’s policy require an annual inspection? If you don’t work with that schedule, you may find yourself in trouble with your insurance company. Check your policy carefully.
  6. Selling your home. As part of the sale process or transfer of ownership, a comprehensive chimney inspection should take place. If there are issues with the chimney, they should be addressed prior to selling.
  7. When was the last time it was inspected? It’s very easy for  this important part of your annual maintenance list to be missed. If you can’t recall when the chimney was inspected last, schedule an inspection immediately.

At Four Winds Chimney in Rochester, annual chimney inspections and cleanings are our specialty. We know that taking care of your chimney to keep it operating safely can be an onerous task, but it’s one that you don’t have to handle. We’re happy to help you find the right solutions to your home’s needs. Please reach out today with any questions or to schedule an appointment with our experienced technicians.


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